Quasi-Magical Items


Quasi-magic items function exactly like normal magic items within the bounds of a mythallar but become inert when taken beyond its borders. The arcanists who first discovered and used mythallars viewed this restriction as a fair tradeoff, since the creation cost of any quasi-magic item, no matter how powerful, decreased by 90 per cent. This reduced cost opened up item creation to even low-level spellcasters and made the creation of vastly powerful, near-artifact items feasible. Without mythallars, Arcadia would never have reached the zenith of magical power that it achieved.

Once these quasi-magical items were created, the floodgates were opened, and the nation of Arcadia was suddenly faced with a glut of magical items. The prices of such quasi-magical items dropped to one-tenth the going rate for “real” magical items. The cost of traditional magical creations rose to three-times the going rate, since only those who left the range of a mythallar required such items.

The constantly available magic from mythallars allowed relatively low-level arcanists to create quasimagical items for themselves, and these arcanists were all looking for the magical invention that would allow them to retire. Most of these new magical items were designed with the common person (the middle class) in mind. This group of people were the ones in greatest numbers and carried with it the greatest promise for get-rich-quick schemes.

These small-time arcanists had the right mentality: make an item cheap, simple to use, and make it appear to be invaluable— basically turn a nicety into a necessity. The first items to enter the market were simple roomlights, a globe that continually shed light in a room. This ended with it being perfected into a globe that would light with an activating command or sound (depending upon the desires of the purchaser). Soon, every house within an mythallar’s envelope had one in every room.

Next came running water, contrived by opening a permanent fissure into the Elemental Plane of Water, controlling the flow with a simple spigot. Once this was accomplished and sold to every house, indoor plumbing and water closets were the next logical step.


Quasi-Magical Items

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